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itsTech Solutions is a firm that provides solutions / advise to its clients, and firmly believes that growth for itsTech is only when it brings value to the clients in terms of growth to their business.We are into business of consulting that entails both business advisory as well as IT consulting, and bring solutions such as website / portal design and development, mobile applications apart from digital marketing options.The virtue that itsTech solution believes in is integrity and hard work resulting in success for the client.itsTech Solutions is founded by Ashima Bajaj Seth who has more than 10 years of experience of working in information technology space and consulting space across domains such as Telecom, Healthcare and Insurance. She has worked on mobile applications, mHealth projects and also led analysis team for the large scale IT transformation projects in Insurance and healthcare space.

CEO Speaks

I am Ashima Bajaj Seth founder of itsTech Solutions. First of all, thank you for your interest in itsTech Solutions. It is my pleasure to introduce myself and the company to you. I’ve worked for 10 years across IT and consulting space in domains such as Telecom, Healthcare and Insurance, with companies like Samsung, TCS, MphasiS and Accenture. I got the opportunity to work on various mobile applications, mHealth projects, healthcare and Insurance projects across the SDLC, and in different capacities or roles. To mention a few large scale ones, such as consulting on vendor evaluations for IPTV services or leading business analysts for a US based insurer on a large IT transformation project, and worked on Medicaid management information systems for various US state solutions. At present I am associated with a leading financial modeling institute called edupristine, for conducting trainings on advanced financial modeling.

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